Tony LudlowCommanding Officer & Founder

SGT. TONY’S FITNESS BOOTCAMP’s commanding officer and founder, Tony Ludlow, from Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a former Third Battalion, Parris Island, Marine Corps Fitness Instructor and certified personal trainer, running coach, and yoga instructor (MCI, NAS, ACE, RRCA, NETA).  Tony is the father of 3 grown children.

Sgt. Tony holds two master’s degrees, sports management certification from Notre Dame, and is working on a PhD in Health Sciences. He is a former high school teacher, varsity sports coach, and Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association Athletic Director. Sergeant Tony formerly taught this course through the Continuing Education Department of the University of Memphis.

Sgt. Tony is an avid runner, having finished countless 5K’s, 10K’s, more than 47 half marathons, 18 marathons — including the New York City Marathon, The Marine Corps Marathon, and The Goofy Challenge (2009 & 2013) – where participants run a half marathon on Saturday and then a full marathon the next day). And he’s participated in 8 adventure races. Sgt. Tony is also a triathlete and has completed over 125 short distance triathlons since 1980, including the Orlando Ironman Triathlon 70.3.

In addition to training thousands of boot campers since 1999, Tony has trained over 400 runners to run half marathons and full marathons. He’s also trained more than 50 people to complete their first triathlon!

When he’s not lifting, running, swimming, cycling, or jumping, Tony enjoys playing tennis, reading, playing chess, and backpacking.

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