how to join

Simply show up! You can pay in person or online!

There is no obligation to continue beyond your Recruit Month.  After the Recruit Month, you may re-enlist month by month or take advantage of our multiple month discounts. We have 15 classes weekly and you can attend them all, no extra charge! You join “the program” and not just one class so you get unlimited access!

Buddy Program Special
For the first month, the Recruit Month, two people can join for the price of one.  Standard individual pricing applies after the Recruit Month.

Other special discounts offered from time to time.


  • Exercise Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Dumbbells (ladies start with no less than 5 pounders and men no less than 10 pounders)
  • Running Shoes, even of you are only a walker
  • “Can Do” attitude

boot camp

costs & plans

  • $90
  • $625
    • 1 YEAR TOUR OF DUTY - $455 Savings
  • $375
    • 6 MONTH ENLISTMENT - $165 Savings!
  • $110
  • $195
    • 3 MONTH ENLISTMENT - $75 Savings!
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